Photo: Esta Evans


Ignition Day and CSIA BC Annual General Meeting November 25, 2018

Posted: October 07th, 2018

Join  us  Sunday,  November  25,  from  9:00  a.m.–3:00  p.m.  followed  by  Après  and  the CSIA AGM  in  Whistler. Don’t  miss  getting  out  on  the  snow  to  start  your  season  off  with  some  of  the  best  Level  4s  in  BC.  Ignition  Day  is  the  perfect  event  to  get  motivated  for  the  coming  winter  by  polishing  your  skills  and  refining  your  assessment  and  development  strategies.

To register for Ignition Day, go to and in the training directory for existing members, search on Ignition Day. You'll have to sign into your CSIA account to register.

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