Photo: Esta Evans

Professional Development Program

 The Professional Development Program offers CSIA members FREE continuous updating on the latest innovative ski teaching methods.

As a CSIA Member in good standing you can attend one of these updates each year at no cost; it is included in your membership dues.

Spend your 3-hour session with a current CSIA Level 4 Course Conductor to gain a fresh perspective on the latest methodology to develop your teaching and skiing. PDP sessions are open to CSIA Members whether or not they are teaching or affiliated with a ski school. Maximum class size is 10.

If your ski hill/snow school is interested in organizing a PDP Day with a Course Conductor, please contact our Regional Co-Ordinator, Kristian Armstrong at

CSIA members are eligible to participate in one PDP program per season.

Note that a PDP does not count as your recall. You need to sign in to your account online at to complete your recall.

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